T28 Fennec - G-TROY




Built as a T28A at the North American Downey California plant (North American c/n 174-545) and rolled out in early 1953. Delivered to USAF Training Command (USAF s/n 51-7692) in March 1953, serving with various training units before being put into store in 1958. She was struck off charge in December 1959 and handed over to the USAF's Military Aid Assistance Programme in 1962 and flown to Burbank and Pacific Airmotive for preparation and shipment to France. She was then flown to Norfolk NAS Virginia as one of a third batch of potential Fennecs sent to St. Nazaire as deck cargo on the French aircraft carrier Bois Belleau. At St. Nazaire she was accepted by the French in March 1962 as Fennec No. 142, and joined other Fennecs on one of the regional French EALA (Air Support) Squadrons for training and army cooperation duties flying only 84hrs and 76 French military operational missions in Algeria (COIN Operations) She met with an accident on 5th December 1964, near Bourg en Bresse, and was retired from French Air Force service in April, 1965 having served just over 3 years in French military service.

The aircraft then went on static display on a roof top and Villeneuve before being acquired by Amicale Ailes Temontaise at Temons-Millac. She was re-built at Dijon/Longevic and flew again on 16th November 1988 with the registration F-AZFV.

On 7th September 1991 having flown a total of 208:30 Hrs a flying accident resulted in a forced landing Using ex-French Airforce spares and replacement engine, propeller and rear fuseage she was repaired by January 1993.

By 23rd July 1994 having returned to flying status she had aquired 348:20 Airframe Hours, 214:20 Engine and Propeller Hours

On 23rd March 2000 Fennec 142 / F-AZFV was entered onto the UK Aircraft Register as G-TROY. At this point the aircraft underwent a significant improvement programme in addition to completing the Annual Check. The additiona work included:

In July 2004 during annual maintenance futher improvements were made:

  • New propeller blades (to replace non standard 'Tracker blades', existing propeller hub retained
  • Fitting of CHT gauge, voltmeter, oil temp and pressure gauges to rear cockpit
  • Both DI gyros replaced
  • Tailplane bushes replaced along with new skins
Total hrs: 380:40 Airframe, 246:40 Engine and Propeller hours

In August 2005 a new Oil cooler was fitted during the Annual Check

During May 2006 G-TROY suffered an engine failure.

Following supply of a zero-timed engine by Chester Roberts, a new complete Darton 'Clean Kit' and Annual check G-TROY flew again in November 2007.

The aircraft has been operated and maintained by Groupe Fennec under a CAA approved Organsational Control Manual (OCM). She can be seen flying and on static display at The Imperial War Museum, Duxford.

After flying throughout the summer including displays at Duxford and Old Warden G-TROY required some repairs to the carburettor.  As of March she is now fully serviceable and can be seen on static display and flying at Duxford.

Current Hours (as of 12th May 2009):

Airframe: 413:35

Engine: 17:20

Prop: 32:55



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In formation with T-28S Fennec 119/N14113 “Little Rascal”